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Telemarketing Services, and B2B appointment setting from a U.S Call Center: Tactical TeleSolutions
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Tactical TeleSolutions releases revamped Website

Tactical TeleSolutions, a U.S based call center located in San Francisco, CA announced today the release of its revamped website.


Telemarketing FAQ

How does TTS charge for services?
What do you charge for set up?

Do you have a minimum?
Does TTS provide lists?
Do you offshore?
What is the typical profile of a TTS caller?
Does TTS use a predictive dialer?
Does TTS provide access to call monitoring?
Does TTS write scripts?
Does TTS do pay per appointment or performance based campaigns?
Does TTS interface with
Does TTS do email?
Does TTS do inbound telemarketing?
How do you measure success?
What kind of reports does TTS provide? What other services does TTS provide?
How do I get started?
What happens if a campaign is not working?
How does TTS train?
How quickly can you start?
What are your payment terms?
Starting Up: What does TTS need from us to start ?

1.How does TTS charge for services?
Pilots are typically $10,000 and all inclusive. There are no other fees. Compare this rate to full time employees, management lists, software, hardware, phones and facilities, not to mention intellectual property, and you will want to try TTS! When you see the results, you will want to stay at TTS!   Back to top

2. What do you charge for set up?
TTS does not charge for set up. TTS includes consultative time, script revisions, list strategy, and training in the free set up. Back to top

3. Do you have a minimum?
Lead generation campaigns need time to generate results, and therefore TTS recommends a minimum of 5 weeks calling (200 hours). In other cases, TTS will furnish customized quotes based on known variables such as list size, targets, event schedules, etc.  Back to top

4. Does TTS provide lists?
Yes, TTS furnishes lists. The first 1,000 records are free. TTS is expert in sourcing 3rd party lists as well, and enjoys a discount with preferred sources such as Jigsaw. TTS clients get their legacy lists appended, and they get a copy of the campaign list on demand.   Back to top

5. Do you offshore?
No. TTS conducts all campaigns from 550 Kearny Street in San Francisco and you are welcome to visit the team.  Back to top

6. What is the typical profile of a TTS caller?
The majority of TTS agents have been with the company for 2+ years. The average age is 33 years old. TTS selects agents from a very talented pool in San Francisco--many of our agents do not want to commute to Silicon Valley which enables us to keep technology interested folks here on the phone! TTS agents are articulate, polite, and conversational, and you will get to meet them prior to the project. For a demo, please dial (415)-438-5189.  Back to top

7. Does TTS use a predictive dialer?
Not for business to business calling--that annoying pause you hear when a telemarketer calls you at home is a predictive dialer seeking a live pick up. This does not apply in B2B campaigns. TTS runs on a "classic copper" PBX (no VoiP sound degradation either!)  Back to top

8. Does TTS provide access to call monitoring?
Yes. TTS uses a dedicated server system to archive calls as .WAV files. TTS account management can upload these recordings to a secure FTP site for you to hear. TTS also provides live monitoring as well as on-site with the agents.  Back to top

9. Does TTS write scripts?
Yes. And please note, TTS scripts tend to dovetail with other marketing materials and positioning. In fact, the telemarketing campaign is by nature a chance to test and modify your message before you commit it to print or other media channels--so consider the TTS scripting process to be some serious free consulting.  Back to top

10. Does TTS do pay per appointment or performance based campaigns?
TTS will negotiate pay per performance scenarios after an initial engagement of 200 calling hours minimum. Why? As a boutique, TTS agents are in high demand at an hourly rate. Many TTS clients have wildly differing measures of success (one might be selling a $2,500 seminar, another may be seeking a $500,000 enterprise level sale). Until real metrics emerge TTS will not commit the agents to a performance-based campaign. The good news is that numerous clients have preferred the "holistic approach" TTS offers wherein all levels of leads are cultivated as opposed to "appointments only". In this model, TTS also doesn't have to "force" appointments through the funnel to get paid. In addition, TTS clients have mentioned that our total cost per acquisition was often 50% to 75% less expensive than some appointment based companies. That plus the added value of LIST OWNERSHIP and the overall project analysis are hard to beat.  Back to top

11. Does TTS interface with
Yes, either via seats deployed onsite, administrative access where appropriate, or most commonly, where TTS configures outputs for easy upload. TTS recommends configured uploads for the pilot phase of a campaign to "eyeball" the data coming in -- often clients want a single administrator to be aware of the lead flow and how they get distributed to the sales team. 
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12. Does TTS do email?
TTS does direct one-to-one email as part of the telemarketing program, live from the desktop level, most typically using the client's domain address or an alias. In addition, TTS can also manage lists for outbound email marketing and uses Vertical Response as the platform. TTS charges $45 per man-hour for managing the process. And remember, as TTS calls through lists we append emails and gain opt-ins--an added value!  Back to top

13. Does TTS do inbound telemarketing?
Yes, TTS has a "top shelf" inbound team onsite that manages a variety of campaigns. TTS offers phone and email support. Inbound can be configured with dedicated agents or a per minute model depending on what works best you. Specialties include multi-lingual agents, flexible coverage scenarios, etc.  Back to top

14. How do you measure success?
TTS consults with you to determine the goals of the campaign and lead classifications. TTS also furnishes an estimate of what the results will be based on experience. Overall, TTS believes that there are a wide variety of positive outcomes from campaigns, all of which can be measured. For example, in a single campaign a client might be tracking appointments, web demo bookings, event bookings, white paper launches, future call backs, list appends, etc. We have been told that "TTS bridges the gap between the needs of the sales department and the needs of the marketing department".  Back to top

15. What kind of reports does TTS provide?
TTS emails reports nightly with an Excel workbook showing daily tallies, project to date, key leads, and a flat file of all leads. Call "dispositions" and field layouts are customized to every campaign.  Back to top

16. What other services does TTS provide?
TTS has done myriad custom solutions in the past including onsite consulting, list appends, database design, database hosting, web SFA applications, landing pages, flash demos, fulfillment, etc.  Back to top

17. How do I get started?
TTS will furnish a proposal with an estimate on rate of return and an agreement.  Back to top

18. What happens if a campaign is not working?
TTS works closely with all variables to course-correct a campaign during the pilot (long term campaigns are our bread and butter--pilots are costly to TTS and we have methods to ensure their success). Variables include the agent, the list, the script, and the market response. Should a campaign be uncorrectable, TTS also offers an easy "exit clause" where we bill for the hours completed and for 3 days of scheduled calling.  Back to top

19. How does TTS train?
TTS agents are versed in reaching out to specific targets and verticals, therefore training is typically more of an immersion into our clientÂ’s product or service offering. Most training sessions occur the day before calling commences with a 2-4 hour presentation (here at TTS or online). Once the campaign starts, break out sessions and client conference calls continue to refine the process. TTS has an ongoing training and QA process that has been developed since 1991. Training plans are always customized to the campaign at hand.  Back to top

20. How quickly can you start?
TTS can get a new campaign started within 48 hours of final sign off on the script and the list. TTS can add agents at any time, having ramped to 25 additional agents within as little as 5 business days. Back to top

21. What are your payment terms?
Smaller campaigns require 100% payment up front; typical campaigns require 50% deposits with the remainder due on completion. Should a campaign be halted at a client's request, TTS will refund any remaining budget within 3 business days. Back to top

22.Starting Up: What does TTS need from us to start ?
The initial proposal will cover many details based upon the initial information collected. Standard program launch elements include:
a.)  A signed agreement or purchase order, and deposit
b.)  A single-point-of-contact at your company for the TTS Account Manager assigned to your project
c.)  List ( we assist in format import / export )
d.)  Company marketing and collateral materials for training
e.)  Script ( an initial outline is appropriate )
f.)  Final approval and sign-off of script, strategy, campaign duration and reporting needs.

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